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A Mergers and Acquisitions Expert living in Palm Beach, Florida, David C. Branch is the Founder of Viper Equity Partners.

Viper Equity Partners is America’s leading transition consultation firm for the medical industry, working with professionals in multiple areas through established relationships with Banks, Lawyers, Finance Partners, Equity Firms, and Analysts. 

David C. Branch opened Viper Equity Partners in 2009 and has been offering a wide array of services ever since. At Viper Equity Partners, the 44-person team works diligently to provide clients with the services they need, including full M&A advisory services and full accounting and financial support. The team also manages the entire process of forming partnerships and completing acquisitions of companies. 

At Viper Equity Partners, David C. Branch brought together 25 years of experience that he’d accumulated in all areas of the financial industry and create a company where he can use that experience to help other people by identifying problems and developing a solution. Across his career, David has learned that one of the most significant issues that professionals experience across every industry is communication. When people from different industries come together as experts in their respective fields, it can be challenging to communicate the work each is doing to the other effectively. 

Additionally, David C. Branch specializes in consolidation, an area in which he gained experience while working in hospitality, and then by helping sell smaller tech companies to larger corporations like Verizon and AT&T. He learned that consolidation is how people make money in their industries, and so he became a specialist in helping people with the consolidation of their businesses. Through Viper Equity Partners, David works primarily with professionals and businesses in the medical field, particularly in the areas of dentistry, dermatology, and plastic surgery – all industries that are perfect for consolidation and adaptability. 

Looking to the future, David C. Branch hopes that the medical community consolidation process only grows more accepted and mainstream. Through consolidation, these medical practices can offer better pricing, better marketing, better IT, better benefits for their employees, and a better overall environment for their patients. David also hopes to see the private equity side of things move more quickly and efficiently for the benefit of the doctors and patients alike. Experts in the industry are working on developing change daily to help accelerate these processes and have already cut down on time, a trend David hopes to continue.

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Past Positions


Viper Equity Partners

Miami Beach, FL | Jan 2009 – Present 

David Branch has been a Partner and the Owner at Viper Equity Partners in Miami Beach, Florida, where he specializes in acquisition, private equity, finance consultation, and strategic growth. 

Owner at Muscle Racing, LLC

National | Jan 1996 – Present

Dave Branch founded Muscle Racing, LLC in January 1996 as a distinguished and esteemed powerboat racer. With 10 national championships and two world champion offshore powerboat accolades under his belt, David is a Hall of Fame racer. 

Partner at Living Life LLC

Florida | Aug 1995 – Present

Outside of his work in transition consultation and finance, David C. Branch works in commercial and residential property development and leasing through Living Life, LLC, where he serves as Partner. 



Loyola University | New Orleans
Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Business 1980 – 1984

David Branch attended Loyola University in New Orleans from 1980 to 1984 where, before graduating magna cum laude, he was a member of the PKT Fraternity while studying Business Finance & Development. 

Johnson & Wales University | Providence
Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts & Chef Training 1984 – 1986

Following his undergraduate degree, David C. Branch earned his Associate’s Degree from Johnson & Wales University, where he studied to become a professional French chef. During his academic tenure, he also attended the Captain Governors Conference.

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