If you have found that your credit score is a bit too low to qualify for credit cards, loans, and larger purchases, you may be surprised to learn that there are simple ways to bring it up. Here are some proven strategies that you should try:

1. Refrain from Closing Credit Card Accounts

You may think this is logical if you aren’t using them, or you can’t afford them. However, closing such accounts means you can’t include the limits on them when your overall credit utilization is assessed, which lowers your credit score.

2. Don’t Let Credit Errors Slide

Did you know a mistake on your credit report, through no fault of your own, could seriously affect your score?

Fortunately, you are entitled to one free credit report, once a year, from all three bureaus. You can scan them for errors and dispute any that you may find. The credit bureaus have one month to investigate your claims, and, if you are correct, the negative remarks are removed.

3. Try Other Types of Credit

If you only have loans from the bank, apply for credit cards. If you only have installment accounts, try a revolving credit card. Varying your credit can boost your score indefinitely.

4. Seek Higher Limits on Existing Accounts

If your balances remain the same, yet your limits increase, you are sure to establish your credit worthiness.

5. Don’t Pay Bills Late

Regardless of the use of any other strategy, if you pay your bills late, your credit score will decrease.

This is because payment history is the most important piece of data in the algorithm that determines your credit score, and each month you are late makes things worse. As a matter of fact, late payments can affect your score and stay on your report for seven years!

6. Ask a Friend for Help

Ask a trusted buddy with a fantastic credit history if you can become an authorized user on one of their credit cards with an above-average limit.

You can do this on paper only, and do not even have to use the card, therefore, there is no risk to the account holder. Simply having your name attached to a high-limit account broadens your credit limit and payment history.

In conclusion, just by following these simple tips, you can increase your credit score little by little. This will do wonders to improve your quality of life, since you will now qualify for loans and credit cards with higher limits and better terms.