In the digital age it is easy for hackers to steal consumer information because there is so much lacking when it comes to cyber security. A lot of people ignore the warnings and forget to do the simple things that help them keep their finances safe. There are a plethora of things that can be done to keep finances secure in the digital age, and it all starts with awareness.



One thing that consumers must be able to do is look at the sites that are designed for phishing and stay clear of the sites. The sites that are secure online are denoted with a padlock. People that click on these padlocks can view the site certificates and find out if they are connected to a secure connection.

This is very important when it comes to paying bills online. So many people find themselves at a place where they are acting because they did not take the time to actually pay attention to the website to see if it was a secure connection.


Block Pop-ups

Another thing that consumers need to be mindful of is their ability to acquire software that will block pop-ups. Some people have operating systems that have these pop-up blockers installed by default. The users just have to decide if they are going to turn these pop-up blockers on.

People that are going to various websites that may have pop-ups, and these pop-ups will lead them to other sites. It is a good idea to have software that prevents this type of web browser hacking.


Secure The Phone

There are a great number of people that no longer use regular computers. They are utilizing their phones to make all of their transactions. If this is the case people should be mindful of who has access to their phone. They should make sure that they lock their phone so that no one can access their apps and get into their credit card or shopping apps when they are not utilizing their phones.



People have to practice mindfulness when it comes to making the right moves with online shopping and Internet Security. Most people find themselves getting hacked because they are not paying attention when they are online.